Summer Happenings

I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer so far!  I have book news, appearances, and garden pictures to share.  

First, I have finally committed to writing an e-newsletter.  You can subscribe here on my website, and each newsletter will include exclusive news, book releases and fun happenings. The sign-up process is easy and your email will never be shared.  Also, I'm writing each letter personally, so at this time I'm only planning to send four a year.  Quarterly is such a lovely word, isn't it?  Much like the changing of the seasons.  My summer newsletter will be sent soon.

Book News:
I am so thrilled to share with you that Koko's Journal, along with the illustrations, will be included in Summer Moon, and available September 30, 2014.  I can't thank my editor and publishing house enough for all the extra work they put into making this happen.  The drawings will be in black and white, but you can read the excerpts and view the paintings in color on my website...

Illustrations from Koko's Journal found in Summer Moon scattered around my desk.

Koko's Journal excerpt of Luc, the hero in Summer Moon.

A few minor changes were made to the cover of Summer Moon but it's finalized, and I simply love it, so I'm going to share it yet again.

Cover illustration by Gordon Crabb
Cover design by Diana Kolsky

In the Garden:
On another subject, but one I adore, my garden is in full bloom, and this is my favorite time of year in Maine. So here's a summer toast, if you will, starting with the first bouquet of summer arranged in a champagne glass.

A toast to summer.

My favorite planter of the year is this following basket.  I had a hodgepodge of leftover annuals I needed to use, so I planted them all together in a basket and they seem quite happy with the situation.

A basket of flowers.

I love pairing growing vines that flower at the same time.  This first one is an example of one I like.  It's honeysuckle and clematis.

Honeysuckle and clematis pairing.
However, this second pairing was an accident.  It's a clematis vine twisted around delphinium. Unfortunately, delphinium hate to have their roots messed with so it will stay twisted, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)

Clematis twisted around delphinium.

Every year I trim the Dutchman's pipe vine away from the garden bell, and every year it finds its way back. It's so beautiful that I usually let it stay the season. Elen, my female protagonist in book 3 of the Celtic Wolves Series, has a gift with plants and I am using my own garden as inspiration for her character.  

Dutchman's pipe vine around the garden bell.
Dutchman's pipe is an aggressive vine, so plant it in an area you want to cover.  I created the arch below simply by bending a rod of metal rebar and placing the ends in the fence posts on either side of the gate.  The vine makes it look pretty, and it was my husband's idea, which makes me enjoy it even more.

Dutchman's pine vine arching over the garden gate.

Wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying your summer!
All my best,


  1. You do beautiful work - even your garden accident - delphinium - I have a few Texas Blue Bonnets (Lupine family) - but a delphinium.... sigh... I don't think they can take our heat. I will subscribe to your e-newsletter, your book looks interesting.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm a zone 4 here, and the delphinium are the first to peek through in spring, so I think they like the cold. A tradeoff, because there are so many zone 5 and 6 plants I would love in my garden. I've tried a butterfly bush twice but it never survives the winter, although this winter was particularly harsh. I lost a few roses as well.