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Summer Moon, the second book in my Celtic Wolves Series, is now in stores!  This book is special to me in many ways, and I'm so excited to finally introduce you to Luc and Rosa!  I absolutely loved getting these two together.  While I have strong romantic elements in my books, I am published as fantasy, therefore I've delved deeper into the fantasy world of these characters, which isn't always pretty, but hopefully you will find it compelling. 

My favorite review quote of the day goes to Rabid Reads with, "This story sucked me right in with its mesmerizing mix of ugly and beautiful."  Oh, and I didn't mind this one either: "SUMMER MOON is proof that Jan DeLima’s writing debut was no fluke—there’s a new werewolf queen in town (and I don’t mean Rosa)!"

Life can be beautiful, ugly, and a whole lot of murky in-betweens, and I do draw on all those aspects as inspiration for my characters.  Courage and survival in the face of adversity is beautiful---and also one of our greatest strengths.  So, yeah... I like that quote.  Luc and Rosa's wedding scene came to mind.  I think it's a beautiful scene, but Rosa hasn't had much to hope for in her life, and this is where the seed is planted.  I thought I would share an excerpt with you, along with pictures of the environment of the setting.  I've created a fictional village for my stories, but the environment is real and just as magical.


Excerpt from Summer Moon, Luc and Rosa's wedding:

The ceremony took place under a grove of maple trees with mint-colored leaves of spring. Saplings lined the open trail, nourished by a few fallen trees. The setting sun cast rich shadows of burnt umber and gold in a forest of wonders, where life was continual, unhindered, and too beautiful to be real.

Rosa inhaled deeply, savoring the taste of life and power that clung to her skin and rolled over her tongue.

Could it be this way for Avon? she wondered.
Could this arrangement heal her home? Could it mend poisoned ground and broken hearts, and bring strength to those who have forgotten how to breathe?
 She dared not hope for such things, for hope was a dangerous seed, and once planted it could tangle hardened souls with false dreams.
Even so, the magic of the night beckoned her, and humbled her as well, for Sophie and Elen had gone to great trouble to make this ceremony more special than it was.

Lanterns hung from branches, and white candles lined the moss-covered trail, glowing like soft orbs in emerald silhouettes. She held a bouquet of pink roses and white peonies that had bloomed by the touch of an enchanted hand. Twin torches awaited her ahead, placed on either side of the trail, made of stone and topped by fire.

Luc stood between the two flames—the Beast in the flesh, cloaked in human trappings and modern clothes. Ink-black hair hung around his shoulders, wild like the wolf she sensed within...

{skipping a page here due to spoilers}

...It was not the most romantic wedding in history, but not the worst, and if kept true, it would serve her far better than her first.

As if he sensed her thoughts, Luc gently tugged her forward and searched her face. Stark eyes simmered with haunted specks of black and iridescent silver. “I won’t be unkind to you, Rosa.” The kiss he gave her was chaste, hardly a kiss at all, but firm, and warm, and gracious.

Don't worry, that is only the first kiss and the second is hardly chaste.  You can read their first real kiss on a guest post I did for I Smell Sheep.  (Is that not the best name for a blog?)  

Welcome to Rhuddin Village, the environment of the Celtic Wolves Series:

 You can read first chapters and excerpts and my website!

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