Happy Autumn

This is just a fun post about what's happening in my garden.  Autumn is the most beautiful time of year here in Maine.  These last few weeks of harvest and warm days are always so precious as winter nears.  Amazingly, I still have flowers in bloom.  We did receive a few morning frosts, but the hardy plants shook it off and continued about their business. 

Final Bouquet of 2014

Red roses are still blooming in my garden, along with sunflowers, morning glories, hydrangeas, coneflower and stock. Everything else looks seasonally mangy and spent.

Sunflower and Busy Bees

I can always tell when the final days are near, because not a single flower is empty of bees.

Poison Ivy 

Yes, it's ridiculous how beautiful this poisonous plant is in the fall.  We have fought many battles--and the ivy won because I'm not willing to flood my woods with poison.  It sent me to the hospital twice. Some people are immune to its toxins, but I am not one of those lucky few.  It continues to thrive in the woods surrounding my garden.  I've studied quite a bit on this plant and use it often in my books. Expect a more detailed post soon on how to identify it and treatments I've used.     

Hydrangea Tree
Every yard needs a hydrangea tree. They are the most forgiving shrub, prefer morning sun, and produce an abundance of beautiful blooms every year.  In the fall the blossoms turn the loveliest shade of rose.  Harvest them and they will dry as is and are perfect for arrangements.

Sunlight Through a Red Maple

That point of light in the photo is the sun back lighting the tree.  It was stunning to see.

Winged Creature On a Coneflower

I'm not quite sure what type of winged creature this is, a butterfly or a moth, but it found the last coneflower (echinacea) blooms.  This photo was taken over a week ago and the flowers are still alive but faded. Birds are now enjoying their seeds.

Morning Glories and My Bulldogs

I took these photos this morning. It's unusual to have morning glories in bloom this late in October. They are growing over shepherd's hooks with lanterns, but as you can see the vines have hidden everything underneath. The rest of the garden is pretty much spent. My bulldogs love to walk (and sprint) through our garden.     


This is my older girl.  She's photo bombing the Autumn eNewsletter promo shoot.  The collar was just put back on her for visiting friends along a major highway.  She was returned to me in the back of a police car, after I had spent the morning searching for her.  So, she's on house arrest for a while until I can trust her not to wander into danger.  The final chosen photo...  

Jan's eNews, Autumn 2014

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Hope you're enjoying this beautiful season wherever you are, and reading something just for fun!
All my best,